One Stop Clinic and Key Responses to AIDS of the United Nations System

UN PlOne Stop Clinicus has completed a case study on the “One Stop Clinic” in Kenya. The “One Stop Clinic” is a service offered by the UN system in Kenya that provides access to HIV-related treatment to UN staff living with HIV. The UN system complements 20% of the treatment costs while the staff members have 80% of the costs reimbursed by their respective agencies through the medical insurance scheme. The service also gives emphasis on confidentiality given the stigma that still exists in Kenya.

The UN Plus case study looks at the mechanism of the “One Stop Clinic” from its history to the current set-up through a series of interviews of the key personnel. It not only illustrates the lessons learned, but also attempts to address key responses by the UN system to the improved access to HIV treatment, which can be replicated by other duty stations.

The executive summary is available here and the full report here.

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