UN Plus Study Visit: From DRC to Rwanda

With a view to building capacity of UN Plus chapters at the country level, UN Plus has been facilitating some exchanges among the chapters to learn from each other’s experiences. In particular, visits of the chapters who are relatively new and small to the chapters with a longer history and a larger number of members have been vigorously encouraged ¾ so that the capacity of the new and small chapters can be built and strengthened.

In September this year, a representative of UN Plus in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mr. Oba Sebahire, visited the UN Plus Country Chapter in Rwanda. He was welcomed by Ms. Yvonne Kasine, who is the core member of UN Plus and UN Cares in Rwanda. She is also currently serving on the Advisory Group of UN Plus. Mr. Sebahire’s objective was to learn from the experiences of the UN Plus Country Chapter in Rwanda, particularly in regard to the outreach and the mobilization of staff living with HIV in the country. During his stay in Kigali, he also met with UNAIDS and UNICEF representatives as well as the UN Cares Team. It is expected that the country chapter in DRC will be further active in outreach, support and advocacy for staff living with HIV under the leadership of Mr. Sebahire.

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