Rwanda UN Staff Pledge to Leave No Room for Stigma

By Yvonne KASINE (UN Plus / UN Cares, Rwanda)

On the 8th of June 2012, the UN Cares and UN Plus teams in Rwanda decided not to miss the opportunity to raise awareness about HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

This year, we decided to focus on UN Staff and encourage all of them to express their individual commitment to bringing HIV-related stigma at the workplace down to zero.

For this special event, the team developed 9 pledges for each person to choose one or more from and put them on their desks, just like conference table names. The activity was coordinated independently by each participating agency.

At UNICEF and WHO we decided to exhibit at the entrance, the nine pledges on a flip chart where staff signed for chosen pledges, as a gesture of public commitment.

For the Friends of UN Plus, we developed a list where staff wrote their contacts and signed for their commitment. Among the Friends of UN Plus, we have a member of RRP+(Rwanda Network of People Living with HIV) who is not a UN staff but came to our office for that special event.

The managers decided to put their pledges not only on their desks, but also on their office doors.