UN Plus Volunteer

UN Plus Volunteers are UN Plus members who actively implement UN Plus programmes in their respective countries and regions where they are based.

To become a UN Plus Volunteer, please contact UNPLUS@unaids.org.

UN Plus Volunteers Profiles

Paul Gorshel was a volunteer for Massachusetts Aids Action Committee prior to becoming seropositive.  From 1992-until he left for the UN in 1999, he was a volunteer speaker for the AAC where he would outreach to diverse audiences about having the virus, his daily experiences, prevention and to show that people with HIV come from all sectors of society.  Outreach included, high schools, Harvard Medical School, insurance companies and community fora.  3 months after his diagnosis, Paul attended law school despite the progression from infection to illness.  He then worked as a litigator in Massachusetts obtaining paternity and child support judgments for residents of Massachusetts while finishing his Masters of Business Administration.  In 1999, Paul rejoined the United Nations and served as a lawyer in Mozambique, Kosovo, Geneva, New York, Eritrea, Ethiopia and since 2007, in Iraq.  Paul believes that it is time for the UN to implement changes to recruit and retain talented staff with HIV within the UN Organization.  He wishes to show others affected, if not infected, by HIV that one can still succeed despite the challenges surrounding HIV, including stigma. Paul believes that it is time for members of the UN family to look inward and see how the UN can set an example as an avant-garde organisation who looks after its staff, whether they have HIV, or other challenges. By looking inward, we can better understand and alleviate the suffering of the world around us.

Josiah Tepani is an advocate and facilitator devoting his energy and time in eliminating fear and anxiety and bringing back hope and confidence in the fight against stigma and discrimination in the workplace.

For more information, contact Josiah through the address below:

United Nations World Food Programme
Makata Compound
P. O. Box 2735
Blantyre, Malawi
Office tel: +265-(0)-1878868, extension 4203.
Fax: +265-(0)-1878890
Vsat: 1326-4029
Cell: +265-(0)-888584188/ 991730917
E-mail: Josiah.tepani@wfp.org


Fexter Seyara has been an avid volunteer since he was tested HIV-positive in 2005. “I started my outreach activities in my community and church. I talk to diverse audiences about living with the virus, my daily experiences, prevention etc., in order to show that you find people living with HIV in all sectors of society. I believe that it is time for the UN to implement changes in recruiting and retaining more talented staff who live with HIV within the UN Organizations.  I also believe that those of us who are affected by HIV can still succeed despite the challenges surrounding HIV, including self-stigma. We need to be looking inward so as to better understand ourselves and alleviate the suffering of the world around us.”

“My role is to act because I am an instigator and a facilitator to eliminate fear and anxiety and bring back hope and confidence in the fight against stigma & discrimination in our work environments.

UN Plus: Positive Change within the UN”

For more information, contact Fexter through the address below:

Fexter Hopkins Seyara
UN World Food Programme
Cell: +265 884325760, 0995434225
Email: fexter.seyara@wfp.org


Oba Cirimwami Sebahire, nutritionniste de santé publique. Ancien fonctionnaire au ministère de la santé publique et dans différentes ONG internationales au Burundi a forte expérience dans la  prévention et le traitement de la malnutrition. Spécialiste en approches « Déviance Positive’ » et  Community Therapeutic  Care a contribué dans plusieurs  recherches sur la lutte contre la malnutrition aigue et sévère.

Actuellement fonctionnaire dans la mission des nations unies en RD Congo (MONUSCO). « Conscient des difficultés que les personnes séropositives éprouvent, je me suis engagé dans  le groupe UN plus depuis le 20 Octobre 2011 afin de contribuer à la lutte contre la discrimination et la stigmatisation en milieu de travail et dans la défense des droits des séropositifs travaillant dans les nations unies particulièrement en RD Congo. Je lance un appel  aux autres membres du personnel de se joindre à nous dans cette lutte».

Oba Cirimwami Sebahire, public health nutritionist, is a former civil servant to the Ministry of Public Health and has worked in different international NGO in Burundi. He has expertise in prevention and treatment of malnutrition as well as in approaches in ”Positive Deviance” and Community Therapeutic Care. He has contributed in several researches in the case of sever and stern malnutrition.

Currently, Oba is a civil servant in the United Nations Mission in DR Congo (MONUSCO). “Having been conscious of the difficulties that people living with HIV face, I joined UN plus on October 20, 2011 in order to fight against stigma and discrimination in the workplace and to defend the rights of people living with HIV, especially those working in the United Nations in RD Congo. I call upon other staff members to join us in this struggle”.