Global Advisory Group

John Bryant Collier (Chair)

John Bryant Collier, a U.S. national, is an Operations Officer in the Africa Water Resources Management Unit at the World Bank. JB joined the Bank in 1994 and has worked in the Europe and Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and Africa Regions, focusing on regional initiatives, water resources development, environment, and safeguards. He is currently serving as First Vice Chair of the World Bank Staff Associations and active in the Bank’s HIV in the Workplace program and the Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE) staff club. JB has been a member of UN Plus since 2007.

Charity Mkona (Vice-Chair)

Charity2Charity Mkona is a Malawian, and mother of 2 children. Currently working for UNDP/UNV as Programme Assistant. She is an active member of UN Cares/ UN Plus Malawi Chapter team. A well trained counsellor/Peer Educator by the UN has represented UN Plus at many regional and international platforms including the Dialogue-Platform on the Rights of women living with HIV since 2015. She holds Degree in Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Advanced Diplomas’ in Public Relations and Personnel Administration among other qualifications. As a person with capacity to handle cross-cultural sensitivity concerning HIV and AIDS, she always aims to make use of her experience abilities’ productivity to provide support to others as she believe only by being positive we can better understand ourselves and succeed on the challenges surrounding HIV.

Masood Fareed

Masood has been working very closely with UN Plus since 2007. He is a young professional working as Social Mobilization Office at the “Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS [UNAIDS]” in Pakistan.

Masood is also part of the UN Cares program in Pakistan that coordinates the HIV and AIDS program at the UN workplace. In his previous role, he has served as Vice-chair of UN Plus’ “Global Advisory Group” and represented UN Plus at many regional and international platforms.

Masood has been a tireless advocate in achieving treatment for all those living with HIV in UN system. He strongly believes in the greater involvement of HIV positive staff members at all decision making levels. He has the capacity to handle cross-cultural sensitivity concerning HIV and AIDS and aims to make use of his experience abilities’ productivity to provide support to staff members especially the under privileged. Masood has a Master’s degree in Business Administration among other qualifications.

Yvonne Kasine

Yvonne Kasine is a Rwandan. She works as Supply Assistant with UNICEF Rwanda since 2008. She is UN Plus Volunteer since January 2012 and UN Cares Focal point for UNICEF. She is a UNICEF Peer Support Volunteer and member of Caring for Us and Staff Association. She is actively involved in staff wellbeing in UNICEF and in One UN Rwanda.

Yvonne has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and is pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration/ Supplies and Procurement with KIU.

She started getting involved in HIV/AIDS implementation in the work place in 2005 when she was working with Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC-CTB) as Financial and Administrative manager/projects for more than 8 years. She is a trained UN Cares and HIV/AIDS facilitator and has co-facilitated many orientation sessions on HIV/AIDS in the work place for One UN Rwanda staff. She is a single mother of 3 girls and 1 boy.

Oba Sebahire Cirimwami

Oba2Âgé de 51 ans Oba Sebahire Cirimwami est marié et père de quatre enfants. Nutritionniste de santé publique travaille actuellement à la MONUSCO (mission des nations unies pour la stabilisation de la RD Congo) comme assistant DDR. Avec une très grande expérience dans la gestion des programmes de santé-nutrition, il avait successivement travaillé comme responsable du projet nutrition dans la province sanitaire de Gitega au Burundi puis comme ‘’programme manager ‘’du programme de nutrition et sécurité alimentaire a Concern-Burundi.

Membre actif dans le groupe UN Plus dont il est le point focal en RD Congo depuis Octobre 2010 et fut nommé membre du groupe consultatif en Décembre 2016 pour une période de deux ans.

Songiso Nawa

Songiso2Sonny Songiso Nawa is a member of UN Plus Zambia and the only HIV-positive UN staff that has come out openly  in Zambia.  He joined the UN Plus Advisory Group in December 2015. He is also a member of the UN Cares Team in Zambia.





George Njuguna


Ludfine Bunde


Oldri Sherli Mukuan



The UN Plus Global Coordinator is an ex-officio member of the group